As an out of town bride you are always a little nervous about what you're going to find when you arrive at your big day. Allison could not have made it any easier for me! We spoke over email, phone and once in person 4 months before my actual wedding. I sent her pictures of the direction I was heading in and then left my faith in her capable hands. The day of my wedding I was not there when she delivered my flowers and thus could not show her just how amazing of a job she did. They were exactly what I had in mind! They were beautiful and perfect. And when you spend a year planning your wedding, to see perfection is a dream come true. She worked with me to stay within my budget as well, which I greatly appreciated. She also picked up my vases from Montana Party Rental for me which was HUGE! My wedding turned out exactly as I had planned in my head, but could not have been executed without the amazing talent of my wedding vendors and the creativity of people like Allison! Thank you so much!

- Kristen Waisley

When visiting in Bozeman, I attended an event where the floral arrangements were done by Allison Brooke Design. These arrangements were like pieces of art-creative, colorful, unique, and beautiful!

- Barbara, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Allison, your work is beautiful. Thank you.

- Kelly Smith, Bozeman, Montana

Allison, WOW... you outdid yourself. We couldn't thank you enough!

- Elizabeth Porth